student of Life & Buddha-Dhamma….

Santikaro lived with Ajahn Buddhadasa during the last nine years of his life and became his primary translator. Ordained as a Theravada Bhikkhu in 1985, Santikaro spent most of his monastic life at Suan Mokkh. During this time he led Dawn Kiam, a small monastic community for foreigners. He is a founding member of Think Sangha – an organization of socially engaged Buddhist leaders. He left monastic life in 2004.  He continues to teach nationally and internationally, and to translate the work of his teacher. He teaches Buddhism and meditation with an emphasis on the early Pali sources.

Jo Marie Thompson

keeper of the Kevala flame and student of Wisdom

Jo Marie has been studying and practicing in the Buddhist tradition since 1994. With a love of the early teachings, and a strong commitment to women’s approaches to awakening, she attempts to navigate the sometimes rocky terrain between these two worlds. The interweaving paths have found resolution in the work of creating a refuge for lay Buddhist contemplatives at Kevala Retreat. Her path also includes Jungian inner work, the Dhamma of horses, and the Dhamma of poetry & writing. She lives, works, writes and tends the herd of horses at Kevala Retreat. She is available for spiritual direction, dream work, cranial sacral therapy and meditative sessions with the Kevala herd.